This is my favourite and most realistic colouring pencil drawing I’ve done, as it is nearly  perfectly looking to my foot and I personally really like it.

I did this for my Final Major Project at Brooklands College. each picture is taken after a day of continuously doing it, except the first picture because I forgot to take one after the first day so the first picture is the first and second day.

Its drawn on a sheet of MDF, 4ft wide by 8ft tall and I used two whole pencils to complete it, finishing it off with a nice sky blue background to bring out the pencil more as it wasn’t very clear before.

I’m slowly going off it, even tho when I first completed it I loved it. This is because I can see things that aren’t quite right and could have been better

(Source: myart-blog)

This is probably my favourite piece I’ve done simply because it looks sick, and took me a very long time to complete. This is because its done using biro and I draw the objects in the drawing perfectly. 
I started with the COG in the middle which took about four hours, then the leaf which I copied from my friends earring and took two and a half hours, then I started on the flower which was a flower form my back garden and took three hours, finally I drew my alarm clock which took nearly three hours. (I didn’t do them all in one day)

Our class at college were given a project to design the new Brooklands College Prospectus, and whosoever was the best would be used. These are my designs of the front and back, contents page and a couple of mock up subject pages. After the college had seen them I received an email saying that they had chosen mine and that mine stood out the most. Which is what I was aiming for as if a student had a huge pile of prospectuses they would look through and take more notice of the bolder ones.

 Ive added the four designs for the front and back cover because these are the most varied but the inside pages are generally the same so I haven’t included them. All of the designs are done on Adobe Illustrator.

(Source: myart-blog)

 I did these for a calender project at college, were we had to design three pages for a new calender using any style we wanted, so I went for creative concept.

(Source: myart-blog)

These are drawn using ink and are drawings of my Guinea Pig called Guinness.

This is a still life drawing with the skull drawn from another artists massive painting and the mask was in our class and needed to include it.

Drawing of a key using pastels, which I’m not a fan of but its practice.

Pencil line drawing of a sunflower which I don’t really like but I liked the petals and used them on the bleach and ink picture.

Drawing of a chicken foot in pencil for a drawing project in my 3rd year of college.

Done using bleach on black ink, they are sections from three other drawings including the chicken foot, key and sunflower

This was a tattoo design for someone on tumbr. Who asked me to draw a camera tattoo design for them.